Pool Start Up Instructions for Pebble Tec and Pebble Sheen Pools

Congratulations on your new Pebble Tec® or Pebble Sheen® pool finish. Please note a very important factor pertaining to the product warranty. The water chemistry in your swimming pool and/or spa must be maintained at certain levels to prevent scale build-up, (a white haze on your pool finish). Scale removal is not covered by warranty. It is recommended to test your pool water monthly at a retail pool supply store (in some stores testing is computerized). In addition, it is suggested that you regularly use a Jack’s Magic® test kit sold at pool supply stores (ask for a Jack’s Magic Sequest Test along with regular chemistry). Even if you use a pool service company, it is still recommended that you regularly check your water chemistry balance to be sure it is properly maintained. The most common removal of scale is by draining your pool, cleaning with chemicals and pressure washing. Scale removal will be done at your own expense.

The START-UP process below began as soon as water was filling your swimming pool and/or spa. In order to initially balance the proper water chemistry:

  1. Begin filling pool with water. Filtering of fill water is recommended in some areas. The pool MUST be filled without interruption!
  2.  Get the pool circulating as soon as possible, with the main drain open and the skimmer closed; the pool can be circulated safely when the water reaches the return lines.
  3.  Once the pool is circulating adjust alkalinity to 80 ppm, pH to 7.0 - 7.2; and Jack’s Magic® the Blue Stuff® to 20 ppm (1 quart per 10,000 gallons of water). Leave pool circulating continuously for at least 72 hours. DO NOT add chlorine during first 48 hours. Note: For superior filtration, Purifiber® can be added to the filter (according to directions on the package) to achieve the most efficient filtering of any contaminants.
  4.  Brush pool thoroughly using a nylon or nylon/wire-combination brush. Vacuuming the pool with a vinyl vac is also recommended (any vac without wheels is fine). A vinyl vac head will allow more efficient cleaning and can be used immediately upon start-up.
  5.  The pH and total alkalinity must be monitored daily to prevent scaling.
  6.  DO NOT CHLORINATE until pool has filtered and pH and total alkalinity are acceptable. Chlorine is highly reactive and can cause metals or minerals to precipitate (cloud water, scale and/or stain). At least 48 hours is recommended. DO NOT SHOCK pool (super chlorinate) above 5 ppm for at least 10 days, to give the pool time to filter and stabilize.
  7.  Cyanuric acid (stabilizer) can be added at any time; increase to 30 ppm. We recommend adding stabilizer around the same time as when first adding chlorine.
  8.  In areas of soft water (low calcium hardness) raise calcium to 200 ppm. Normal calcium levels are 200-400 ppm. As the surface cures, the hardness levels may increase. DO NOT raise calcium level until pH and total alkalinity are stable (7.2-7.4 and 80-100 ppm).
  9.  To prevent staining or scaling, Jack’s Magic® the Blue Stuff® levels must be maintained above 12 ppm. This level can be monitored with a Jack’s Magic Sequest Test™. Average start-up dosage is 1 quart per 10,000 gallons of pool water. To ensure the pool does not stain or scale, the homeowner should maintain sequest levels on a weekly basis (some pools will require more Jack’s Magic® “Stuff” depending on heaters, well-water, type of chlorination, etc.).
  •  Pools with ionization/mineral systems: Start-up as instructed above; then activate the ionization/mineral system at the 2-week point of the start-up process. Change to Jack’s Magic® the Ionizer Stuff® at this point, rather than the Jack’s Magic® the Blue Stuff®. (If Jack’s Magic Ionizer products are not available, consult with your local pool store or your builder regarding their recommendation.)
  •  Pools with alternate sanitizers: Start-up as instructed above; then activate the Chlorine Generator 30 days after the date the finish was installed. Use Jack’s Magic® the Purple Stuff®.

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