Pool Remodeling and Resurfacing Process

Modern Method Gunite is Southwest Texas’s premiere pool remodeling and pool resurfacing company. We are the leading Licensed Pebble Tec Installer for Houston and surrounding areas. That means Pebble Technology recognizes Modern Method Gunite for its uncompromising level of detail when installing all of their products! We are the premier choice for your pool remodeling and we specialize in pool resurfacing including PebbleTec, PebbleSheen, PebbleFina, PebbleBrilliance, PebbleBreeze and PebbleEssence pool surfaces. We focus on creating the highest quality product to ensure the longevity of your pool.


Remodeling Preparation

We drain the pool, install hydrostatic ports (weep holes), and then proceed to remove all existing plaster down to the original substrate (Gunite / Shotcrete).

Remodeling Prepararion Gunite Pool Contractor in Texas
Remodeling Preparation Gunite Pool Contractor in Texas

Remodeling Design

At this phase of the project, we are able to make design changes to your project busting out existing areas, tying in new rebar, and shooting in gunite to add a spa, raised the depth level, add additional steps and benches or a sunshelf. We can also add any Boulder Creations structure to your project at this time.


Remodeling Tile, Coping and Decking

Next phase if desired is to update your Tile & Coping with newer materials that better complement your finish. Your pool builder can recommend the best materials for your application. Cap Decking and Additional Decking can also be added at this phase.

Remodeling Tile Coping And Decking Professional Pool Services in Houston, Texas
Remodeling Pool Surface Professional Pool Services in Houston, Texas

Final Preparation for Plaster Installation

MMG will perform a final clean out and make ready of the pool shell in preparation for the plaster installation.


Mixing Finish

The finish that you have chosen from MMG brand pool finishes, white plaster or a PebbleTec® product: PebbleTec®, PebbleSheen®, PebbleFina®, PebbleBrilliance™, PebbleBreeze™, and PebbleEssence™, is then prepared in our hopper.

Mixing Finish Professional Pool Services in Houston, Texas
Pneumatic Application Professional Pool Services in Houston, Texas

Pneumatic Application

This formulation is then pneumatically applied to the pool or spa interior.


Hand Trowel

Installers use a hand trowel method, one small area at a time, to ensure the mixture is formed into an even surface.

Hand Trowel Professional Pool Services in Houston, Texas
Aggregate Exposure With Water Wand Professional Pool Services in Houston, Texas

Aggregate Exposure with Water Wand

After the application is finished, the entire pool is sprayed down with water. This exposes the finish and removes excess cement.


Detail Wash

A curing period, normally 24 hours, is followed by a final cleansing treatment. A special solution is used to enhance the brightness of the finish. A light polishing to the finish is completed with the final cleansing.

Acid Wash Professional Pool Services in Houston, Texas
Completion Professional Pool Services in Houston, Texas


With our aggregate finishes there is no waiting time for plaster dust removal. Once your pool finish installation process is complete, simply fill the pool with water, balance the water with chemicals and begin swimming.

*MMG recommends having a professional pool technician start up your projects in order to ensure accurate water chemistry from the onset.

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